This is Makumbi Kevin, 9 Years old.

Makumbi Kevin was only three years old when he became an orphan. His parents had neglected him, leaving him to fend for himself. He was malnourished and weak, and it seemed like he was going to die of starvation. To make matters worse, he was later diagnosed with cancer.

He was alone and scared, until one day, a kind man named Kaweesi Joseph found him on the streets of Mityana. Joseph was the founder of Godwin Charity Foundation, an orphanage that took care of children like Makumbi Kevin.

At first, Makumbi Kevin was hesitant to trust Joseph. He had been let down by so many people in his short life that he didn't know how to trust anyone. But Joseph was patient and kind, and slowly but surely, Makumbi Kevin began to open up to him.

Under Joseph's care, Makumbi Kevin began to thrive. He received medical treatment for his cancer, and with a proper diet, he gained weight and grew stronger. He also began to receive an education, something that would have been impossible for him if he had remained on the streets.

But despite all the love and care he received, Makumbi Kevin could never forget his past. He would often cry himself to sleep, thinking about his parents and wondering why they had abandoned him. Joseph would hold him and comfort him, but he knew that he could never fully heal the wounds that had been inflicted on him.

One day, Makumbi Kevin's cancer returned, and this time, it was more aggressive. Joseph did everything he could to save him, but in the end, it was too late. Makumbi Kevin passed away, leaving Joseph heartbroken and devastated

But even in death, Makumbi Kevin's story lived on. People heard about his life and the struggles he had faced, and they were moved to action. Donations poured in for Godwin Charity Foundation, and Joseph was able to help even more children like Makumbi Kevin.

Although Makumbi Kevin's life was short, he left a lasting impact on those who knew him. His story serves as a reminder that there are still so many children out there who need our help, and that we can make a difference in their lives if we choose to act

The sponsorship come at a much needed time. It meant he could continue going to school to fulfil her dreams of being a doctor instead of working at a young age and giving up his education.

When Kasumba received this good news, he was elated and worked hard at school with hope in his heart. Kasumba is receiving all A grades in his classes and his confidence has grown massively.

Thanks to his sponsorship funds, she is receiving food, educational materials and his tuition fees, exam fees and school fees are all paid for on a quarterly basis. His mother no longer has to worry about where their next meal is coming from.

Kasumba says that his school teachers are all friendly, and her school environment is pleasant and comfortable.

He will continue to succeed thanks to continued sponsorship and will live a life that is a far cry from his previously dire situation.

He is happy, and excited about where his future will take him and has big dreams. Thank you for giving his hope.

Makumbi Kevin

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